Photo of the day: Faded Honor

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6:43 PM HKT, Wed September 20, 2017

All this week, Radii is posting a photo essay by Liu Qilin (aka Jady) entitled Lost Land of my Campus: “An area less traveled or known by others. Like a desert. A paradise.”

After quite a long time, finally I picked up my curiosity again to step into one of the mysterious areas of my campus(Beijing Normal University). Beside the gate there is a room with many beautiful fish, which I can see through the windows. Entering the gate, I found it was like an abandoned garden, where everything seemed to have frozen for a long time, except captive animals. Many items were put there, rusting or growing on their own.

A road sign saying Mu Duo Road has been discarded here along with a red flag. I happened to be wearing a t-shirt referencing Ge Yu Lu, an art student who had a street named after him after a hoax.

Mu Duo, a word that originally referred to an ancient instrument, and whose meaning later changed to represent instructors, is a symbol of Beijing Normal University.


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