Photo of the day: Gai Reps His Hometown

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2:24 PM HKT, Sat December 9, 2017

This week’s photo theme is Red Raps: stills from recent hip-hop videos with “red” (read: patriotic) themes.

For today’s photo, we’re grabbing the pullback posse shot that closed out Gai’s music video, Hot Pot Soup Base. If you need to know more, we wrote up a Yin post a while back about the Rap of China co-champion and his track:

The thirty second shot is undeniably badass. You got the whole team posted up looking ready to ride. Gai reps his people and his hometown in the track, showing his patriotic side in a more nuanced way than some of our recent features (you might’ve noticed, but rap music has been identified as the medium of choice to drive nationalistic propaganda into the minds of youth). Some choice bars:

“You copy my flow/my clothes and my hat/as if all rap stars need VPN accounts/I’ve told you all your problems, go and think about yourself/you’re all pretending to be successful with no faith/the Chinese blood is running through my body/I hope you achieve a Grammy one day”

Chongqing stand up. Hot food and hot raps.


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