Photo of the Day: HKZHMB

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8:37 PM HKT, Sat August 4, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our Photo of the Day series this week shares photos of impressive modern megastructures in China.

Completed in late 2017, this structure connecting three major cities/Special Administrative Regions is the world’s longest bridge to traverse an ocean. The name of this beast is the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge — it might also be the world’s longest bridge name as well (we’re calling it the HKZHMB for short).

The bridge will span a whopping 34 miles when it opens this month. A total of 400,000 tons of steel were used to construct it, that’s 60 times the amount used in building the Eiffel Tower. The bridge has some strong political connotations too of course, as summed up by Hong Kong lawmaker Claudia Mo: “It links Hong Kong to China almost like an umbilical cord. You see it, and you know you’re linked up to the motherland.”

Photo: Easy Fairs

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