Photo of the Day: Keep Off the Grasslands

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3:14 AM HKT, Sat March 24, 2018

This week’s photo series is “The East is Green“. In the run up to Earth Hour this Saturday, and in the wake of officials once again declaring “war” on pollution in China at the “Two Sessions” meetings in Beijing, we’re looking at some of the country’s recent attempts to improve environmental conditions – from grassroots NGOs to technological innovations and more.

The award-winning Global Environmental Institute was established as a think tank and NGO in 2004 and has been involved a wide range of important, impactful initiatives ever since – from promoting eco-friendly farming methods in Qinghai, to working to help build environmental concerns into the planning of the One Belt One Road programme. In 2016, the Beijing-based organization also set up the Global Environmental Innovation Fund, which “aims to advance the course of GEI and contribute to global efforts to explore and practice innovative environmental and development mechanisms, models and solutions.”

The image above is taken from one of their research visits to Inner Mongolia’s grasslands where they work to combat desertification. You can find out lots more about their extensive work right here.

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