Photos: RADII’s FUTURE OF X at Hangzhou 2050

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8:13 AM HKT, Thu May 31, 2018

Last weekend, thousands of audience members packed into Hangzhou’s Yunqi Cloud Town to witness star speakers predict the future at RADII’s FUTURE OF X. To everyone who made it: thanks for coming out, and we hope you enjoyed the peek into tomorrow.

We had young, handsome, art-curating supergenius Michael Xufu Huang speak on the changing meaning of “art” in the digital age.

We had Grammy award-winning musician Dana Leong bring us to our feet with a stirring multi-genre performance on his electric cello, and a talk on the game-changing forces at play in music today.

We had a stacked panel of industry experts from across the advertising world — Adam Chen, Emily Cheng, Zak Manion, and Adrian Lai — step onstage for a conversation on the future of consumption.

We had co-founder of “the Pixar of China”Yu Zhou — break down the thousands of tiny, moving parts that come together to make a top-tier animated feature film.

And we had the world’s first robot citizen, media sensation Sophia, join us for an interview about the future of robotics, and the nuanced, changing relationship between humans and robots.

If you were there, we don’t need to tell you — it was dope. If you weren’t, take a look through the photos in the gallery above, and we’ll see you next time.

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