RADII Holiday Gift Guide

Whether for last minute Christmas shopping or the New Year, RADII has you covered with the best from young Asian creators!

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4:03 PM HKT, Mon December 25, 2023 2 mins read

The RADII elves have wrapped up a jolly gift guide just for you! This holiday season, we’re highlighting gifts from our favorite indie creators that can deck the halls with cross-cultural flair.

Check out 6 of our team’s top finds — from artisanal Chinese craft gin infused with Sichuan pepper, to a Dan Dan noodle pack bringing the spice this season. We stan these Asian visionaries remixing tradition into festive modern treats!

Ada Chen: Live Laugh Love 活笑愛 Acrylic Earrings

Ada Chen Earrings

Could your aura use some brightening? Looking to manifest more zen energy in the coming year? Lighten up with these whimsical earrings as a reminder not to take life too seriously. Let the good vibes hang from your ears.

Peddlers Gin Company: Shanghai Gin, Barrel Aged Gin, Salted Plum Gin

Peddlers Gin

On someone’s naughty list this year? Make it up to them with a bottle brimming with mischievous spirit — we’re talking a nip of Peddlers Gin Company’s spectacular gin.

Born in Shanghai, every bottle packs mad flavors and draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western botanicals. Expect a smooth yet intriguing spirit with Sichuan peppercorns, Buddha’s Hand citron, and juniper working in harmony.

BAO London: Dan Dan Tofu Emergency Noodles

BAO Dan dan noodle pack

Is there a noodle lover in your life who thinks they’ve tried it all? Surprise their taste buds this holiday with BAO London’s Dan Dan Tofu Emergency Noodles.

Legendary London eatery BAO sources authentic wheat noodles and Taiwanese noodle machines to create three packs of mouthwatering Dan Dan noodles brimming with spicy, nutty Sichuan flavor. They're the ultimate convenience meal for recipients craving an instant noodle fix with restaurant quality. Packaged with BAO’s signature whimsical style in an adorably illustrated box, these emergency noodles make for a creative gift to satisfy any noodle aficionado.

Stash it in the cupboard for whenever their next noodle emergency arises. Just add toppings and watch their face light up faster than the noodles cook!

The Oh Collective: Rub Me Tender: Massage Oil Candle & Gua Sha Stone

Massage set

Time to unwind with The Oh Collective’s cheekily named Rub Me Tender set. Inspired by ancient Asian wellness traditions (but make it sexy), this massage oil candle and opal Gua Sha stone are the antidote to holiday season tension. Gift the Rub Me Tender set to your BFF who deserves some much-needed “me time.” The only follow up they’ll get is, “Want to borrow my massage set this holiday?”

Clarissa Wei: Made in Taiwan: Recipes and Stories from the Island Nation

Made in Taiwan

What do you gift the taste bud trailblazer who’s been everywhere and tried everything? Enter Clarissa Wei’s stunning cookbook Made in Taiwan.

From classic Three-Cup Chicken to exclusive stinky tofu recipes pried from masters, consider those globetrotting taste buds officially grounded in Taiwan for more than 100 recipes. Wei artfully blends culinary time travel through night markets and family kitchen secrets, with thoughtful stories of people preserving food traditions against all odds. Each page is an all-access foodie tour with generations of cooks who proudly claim Taiwan's rightful place among Asia’s greatest cuisines.

Watch gifted food voyagers forgo a plane ticket to immerse themselves in this rich culinary narrative — the only bags they’ll need to pack after this are some to-go boxes!

Grumpy Kid Studio: BAO Mug

BAO mug

In a world saturated with ceramics, standing out from the crowd can be hard, but Grumpy Kid’s pieces certainly do. Located in Montréal, they offer a wide selection of quirky mugs, bowls, and vases with their own expressions in small batches.

And ohh.... they are so BAOtiful!

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