Raptor to Rapper: Jeremy Lin Jumps In the Booth with MC Jin

As the Toronto Raptors prepare for their first-ever Finals appearance, Jeremy Lin makes his hip hop debut

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4:28 PM HKT, Thu May 30, 2019 1 mins read

We’re big Jeremy Lin fans here at RADII. Though he’s been juggled around a half-dozen franchises in as many years, memories of 2012’s Linsanity linger in our memories. We were even there for his dreads.

Lin’s latest off-court behavior is a harder sell, though. The now-Toronto-based point guard, gearing up for his (and his team’s) first-ever appearance in the NBA Finals tomorrow night, has been hanging out with another RADII favorite, MC Jin, hoping for some crossover magic that unfortunately didn’t quite pan out:

Yeah, not sure about that one, but if Lin wants to pursue a post-hoops career in the booth there is a precedent for improvement. Shaq, never lauded for his mic skillz, put himself through a sportscaster crash course at Syracuse University in the last years of his basketball career, and he’s now basically the best thing on TNT. So Jeremy, we’re rooting for your rap renaissance. Linsane Clown Posse?

In the meantime, here’s a separate freestyle from Jin about Lin’s impending Finals trip, which is just so pure:

And here’s another Lin-themed track from MC Jin, dropped during the initial wave of Linsanity:

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