Viral Milk Tea Brand ‘Sexy Tea’ Reprimands Couriers Delivering Its Drinks by Train

Unofficial railway couriers are delivering the drinks to any city connected by high-speed rail to Sexy Tea’s base in Changsha

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10:50 PM HKT, Wed July 21, 2021 1 mins read

One of China’s best-known milk tea shops — Sexy Tea — has had its share of controversies, including previously being dragged online for referring to women as a “bargain.”

Recently, however, it has been in the news for somewhat more positive reasons. As the brand’s popularity continues to soar, customers are so eager to drink its milk tea that they’re making orders to get the drinks delivered across provincial lines.

Founded in 2013 and based out of Changsha in Hunan province, with other stores in Wuhan and Shenzhen, Sexy Tea’s viral fame is legendary. Exacerbating that fame is the fact that customers in just the few cities mentioned above have access to the tea.


Sexy Tea’s viral presence has become so strong that unofficial couriers have begun transporting the drinks to nearby provinces using high-speed trains.

Netease reported that one courier is charging upwards of 600RMB (around 92USD) for 20 cups of milk tea to be delivered to any city connected to Changsha by high-speed rail. The original price for one cup of Sexy Tea’s milk tea purchased at a brick-and-mortar shop is roughly 12-18RMB.

The tea brand is not, however, on board with these developments and has expressed its disapproval in a Weibo post. The brand pointed out that its tea’s shelf life is short and requires a specific storage environment, making food safety an issue.

Sexy Tea stated in the Weibo post that it would enquire about large orders and ask for specific reasons for such purchases. If the customer turns out to be an unauthorized courier, shops will refuse their order.

Netizens have been vocal about their love of the viral tea brand, with one of the most upvoted comments under Sexy Tea’s post reading, “Everyone, schedule a trip to Changsha! In Changsha, you can both have fun and drink Sexy Tea beverages! Their tea is delicious!!! So delicious!!!!!!”

Another netizen wrote, “No matter what, people shouldn’t reprimand Sexy Tea. You guys wanted delivery, and when they deliver outside of Changsha, they get shouted at. I, as a Changsha resident, do not approve of this reaction.”

Cover photo via Weibo

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