Sophia, World’s Most Advanced AI Robot, Lands at RADII

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9:00 PM HKT, Mon May 21, 2018

RADII and Brandnographer, in partnership with AGLA and Shanghai Creative collective, present the inaugural FUTURE OF X forum at Hangzhou’s 2050 Conference for youth in science, technology, art, and design, taking place May 25-27th, 2018 in Cloud Town.

Robotics have come a long way from comic book fantasies and cult film classics. Today, the intelligent, humanlike robots that captivated science fiction writers are closer to reality than ever before. Sophia is a hyper-intelligent robot backed by some of the industry’s most advanced AI, and she’s the most recent stage in that evolution. The robot made waves when she debuted for her high-level AI, eerily human conversation abilities, and string of non-traditional robot accolades (Sophia is the first robot to win a title from the United Nations, and the first robot to receive legal citizenship, having become a proud citizen of Saudi Arabia in 2017).

David Chen of Hanson Robotics, along with Sophia herself, will join RADII at the FUTURE OF X series at 2050, to talk about humans, robots, and the space between. The two will explain to audiences their vision for the FUTURE OF ROBOTICS, and why the idea of a robot in every home is no longer a far-off concept.

Date May 27th, 2018

Time 1:30PM – 2:00PM

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