Today is “Space Day of China,” And it Comes with this Incredible Poster

Space Day of China takes place annually on April 24 to celebrate the country's extraterrestrial achievements, but this year it comes with a rad piece of poster art

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3:25 PM HKT, Wed April 24, 2019

Yep, pretty much all up there in the headline — apparently today is Space Day of China. What does that mean? No idea. But according to this rad poster art it’s about “Pursue space dream for win-win cooperation”. [sic] but also sick:

china space day

So that’s “win-win cooperation” between astronauts and some mystical space goddess (Chang’E, Lady of the Moon, perhaps?) it seems?! Okay, we’re down. So much going on with this artwork, from the Great Wall and Temple of Heaven descending from the stars to the Silk Road-referencing camel caravan below.

Okay okay, we did actually find out what Space Day of China is all about. According to GBTimes, it’s about, “celebrating the country’s achievements in aerospace and signalling its serious ambitions to explore the stars”. How so? Via, “a range of events across the country, with key components of China’s space program, including launch facilities, research institutes, flight control centres and even tracking ships opened to the public for viewings and lectures.”

Why April 24th? “The day of April 24 was chosen as it marks the day in 1970 when China successfully launched its first satellite, Dongfanghong-1 (‘The East is Red’), which continues to orbit the Earth.”

So there you go. Crazy poster though.

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