Trevor Noah and Chinese Media Swap Notes on 5G and Huawei

Trevor Noah's Daily Show explainer on 5G recently reached an unexpected audience

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8:42 PM HKT, Wed June 5, 2019

It wasn’t exactly the Trish vs Xin trade war “debate” that played out on Fox Business last week, but another US-based host has found himself appearing on Chinese TV screens recently after Trevor Noah’s Daily Show explainer on the importance of 5G was picked up by CCTV.

Noah discussed the technology as part of the “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know” segment on his show a couple of weeks back:

Noah’s comments about the speed of Huawei‘s 5G and his portrayal of the US as being in an inferior position on the technology compared to China were then re-broadcast by CCTV. And that coverage, in turn, made it back to The Daily Show.

Noah appeared flattered. Roy Wood Jr., however, had other ideas….

And now, in evidence that we may be stuck in a Daily Show-Chinese State media feedback loop for all eternity, The People’s Daily have shouted out Noah’s shout out of CCTV‘s shout out about Noah’s segment. Got it?

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