Watch: 24 Hours Trapped Inside a Subway Karaoke Booth

What happens when you attempt to spend 24 consecutive hours inside one of China's single-person karaoke booths?

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1:01 PM HKT, Sat September 14, 2019

In this life, there are great, unanswered questions. What was here before the cosmic dust that formed our universe? What happens to the human soul after the light of life is extinguished? Can you spend 24 consecutive hours in a single-person subway karaoke booth without losing your mind?

Today, we answer at least one of those questions.

Single-serve karaoke booths are a relatively new phenomenon, but you can already find them across China in malls, subway stations, and airports. The idea is, wherever there are busy people, somebody will probably want to lock themselves away in a little box to sing sad songs and blow off steam.

In a historic first, RADII’s own Adan Kohnhorst attempts to stay in a standard karaoke booth for 24 hours. Will he succeed? More importantly, why is he doing this? Join us for a challenge that spans solos to solitary confinement, Jay Z to Jay Chou.

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