WATCH: Jet Li Talks Kung Fu Film Collaboration with Jack Ma, 10 Years in the Making

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3:47 AM HKT, Sat November 11, 2017

As Alibaba prepares to kick off its massive Singles’ Day Gala in Shanghai, one of its A-listers is preparing to realize a decade-long dream. In this short clip, presented with English subtitles exclusively on RADII, kung fu superstar Jet Li says: “”I started learning kung fu at the age of 8, and ever since, I’ve always had a dream to share Chinese culture with the world. 47 years have gone by.”

Ten years ago, Jet asked Alibaba founder Jack Ma about working together on this, and in recent years has doubled down on the request, recognizing Singles’ Day’s power as a growing cultural platform to communicate the action star’s vision for Gong Shou Dao martial arts to achieve a global, Olympics-level status as a sport and cultural form. The resulting film of the same name will be premiered at tonight’s event.

Watch the three-minute clip above for more on Jet’s process of making this dream a reality, and read more about the film and Jet’s Olympic ambitions in this recent interview with Sixth Tone, republished here with permission:

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