WATCH: Lu Yang’s “Electromagnetic Brainology Brain Control Messenger”

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10:02 PM HKT, Tue February 20, 2018

Shanghai artist Lu Yang’s Vimeo account has seen a lot of action recently, as she’s been busy uploading new videos from her Electromagnetic Brainology series over last several weeks.

Electromagnetic Brainology first manifested as the freshly commissioned centerpiece of Encephalon Heaven, a solo show at Beijing’s M WOODS that opened on Halloween last year and closed earlier this month.

Following up on the M WOODS installation, Lu Yang has expanded the Electromagnetic Brainology project with a series of videos, including one uploaded about 11 hours ago showing her four animated deities dancing in place for seven minutes, and another purporting to be a documentary on the phenomenon, which blends Lu’s fascination with neurological procedures like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and the constructed, hyper-mediated world of East Asian visual pop culture.

My favorite of the new videos is the one below, in which an Electromagnetic Brainology subject is transported/uploaded into a world that looks like a cross between Rampage and Mars Attacks. Highly recommended if you’re seeking 10 minutes of complete sensory overload (the original Electromagnetic Brainology theme song by Japanese pop producers invisible manners really adds to the overall effect; crank your speakers up):

Cover image: “電磁腦神教!腦制御士!Electromagnetic Brainology Brain Control Messenger” by Lu Yang (Vimeo)

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