Watch “Princess” Der Ling Appeal for Greater Understanding Between US and China — in 1930

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11:29 PM HKT, Thu April 26, 2018

Tong Bingxue runs one of our favorite Twitter accounts. His feed is a constant flow of fascinating old photos and video clips from China, documenting everything from how Beijing residents greeted each other back in 1908, to early color clips of Shanghai street life, and “Ancient Chinese punishment, 1870s-1900s“. If you’re on Twitter, you should follow him.

Today he posted a gem from the Moving Image Research Collections database. In what he’s termed a “live webcast” from the start of 1930, “Princess” Der Ling talks of the need for greater mutual understanding between the US and China:

It’s a need, of course, that still persists today and which is a strong motivating factor behind a lot of the content you find on these pages.

You can find more amazing historical clips and photos from Tong right here.

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