Watch: We Tried One-of-a-Kind Chinese Snacks

In this series debut, RADII staff members go toe-to-toe, taste-testing Chinese snacks, from shrink-wrapped quail eggs to spicy chicken Oreos

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10:51 PM HKT, Fri June 7, 2019

We Tried is a series where RADII staff try out unique foods, experiences, and phenomena in China. Drop us a line if you have a suggestion.

Ever had shrink-wrapped quail eggs? How about Spicy Chicken Oreos?

In this series debut, RADII staff Ying Li and Adan Kohnhorst go toe-to-toe in a Chinese snack taste-off. In one corner, Ying, who has been eating these snacks her whole life. In the other, Adan, who has no idea what is going on.

One thing’s for sure: it’s a bona fide clash of cultures as these two open their minds and palettes to a world of taste sensations.

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