Wǒ Men Podcast: Travel in New Style

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10:30 PM HKT, Fri September 22, 2017

How was your summer vacation? Did you go somewhere nice and relaxing? What is your next holiday destination?

If you still perceive Chinese tourists as loud people who are not interested in local culture, but only in buying Louis Vuitton bags in Paris and eating in Chinese restaurants, well… you’re not wrong. Many of them still are. However, China’s new generation of travelers, such as our guest today Annie Huang, may show you something different.

Annie, born in the ’90s, has never studied abroad, but she is a super seasoned international traveler. She has been to more than ten countries in the past five years, and has some amazing travel experiences to share with us. Annie touches on why she stopped going on “sipping cocktails on the beach” holidays, and has taken travel to a new extreme by becoming a high altitude mountain climber, and facing dangerous situations from time to time — such as being buried by an avalanche.

As we speak, Annie is on another holiday — she’s in Nepal, climbing one of the world’s most dangerous summits, Manaslu, which is 8,163 meters high. Let’s wish Annie best of luck and hope she shares her experience when she’s back.

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