12-Year-Old Chinese Boy Steals Bus, Takes Joyride, Waves Cigarette

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1:01 PM HKT, Tue July 4, 2017 1 mins read

What intrepid escapades did you pull off when you were 12? Teepee a house? Sneak out in the middle of the night? Prank call the local radio station? Hop in a bus and take it for a 30-minute joyride through a city of 800,000?


Then you have nothing on this 12-year-old Chinese kid, who slid into the driver’s seat of an empty bus around 2 pm on June 30 in Zengcheng, Guangzhou province, and proceeded to cruise around the city for the next half-hour, presumably nodding at chicks while slowly driving by…

This is not the picture of a kid who gives a damn:

Far from cute, the bus company issued a statement saying this boy — whose age is given as “around 12 years old” — is actually a repeat criminal, someone known for stealing cell phones and wallets on multiple occasions.

Police used the bus’s GPS to find and intercept him. I feel like if he was an adult in the US, they probably would have roughed him up and cuffed him, but since he’s a boy in China, this is how they let him enter the police station:

Again, this is not the strut of a kid who gives a damn.

At the tail end of the above video, someone says to him, “It’s all over.” He begins to wail, and is loudly chided, “STILL CRYING? STOP!” Maybe he was given the cigarette to calm down.

All in all, the kid appears to be a good driver. Police say he didn’t cause any problems on the road, which is not something you can say about a lot of people his age. Twelve years old.

A couple more pictures of the boss:

Youku video here

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