Alibaba’s Offers More Benefits to 3 Million Delivery Workers

The new measures aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of delivery drivers, both full and part-time

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5:05 PM HKT, Mon July 17, 2023

This article was originally published by TechNode. It has been edited and re-posted here with permission., Alibaba’s food delivery platform, signed a collective contract and three specific contracts during a meeting with 175 rider delegates on July 13. This development expands the platform’s welfare benefits, now covering approximately 3 million couriers, including those engaged in flexible employment.

As per the contract, the basic delivery fee will be determined based on factors such as the local consumer price index, delivery distance, and route complexities, according to the state-owned outlet Workers’ Daily.

"In case of extreme weather, dangerous road conditions, etc., the delivery mechanism should be adjusted according to the actual situation, to ensure the safety of the food delivery staff," stated the report.

The report also highlighted’s plans to enhance safety by increasing the availability of smart helmets and establishing a “reasonable delivery time” for workers.

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