Angelababy Finds Herself Trending in Decade-Old Relationship Drama

Decade-old rumors have unexpectedly been reignited

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1:04 PM HKT, Fri January 8, 2021 1 mins read

Only a week into 2021, and we already have juicy celebrity love triangle drama. No, we’re not talking about Kim, Kanye, and Jeffree — but instead, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming rumors have shot to the top of Chinese social media’s trending charts.

Model, actress, and internet personality Angelababy has been married to Huang Xiaoming since 2015. They began dating in 2010 — the same year that Huang’s prior relationship with actress Li Fei’er ended. Li, in an interview two years later, accused Angelababy of being a “homewrecker.”

This decade-old feud was re-ignited when Huang and Li appeared on the same stage for the second season of Sisters Who Make Waves — and the internet would not let it go.



Finally, Angelababy broke her long-held silence on the subject, posting, “When I first met Huang Xiaoming, he told me he was single, and knew that Li Fei’er had given me a bad name in that magazine interview.”

Huang Xiaoming stood by Angelababy’s words, posting on his own social media: “Baby [Angelababy] is not a homewrecker. My family is my bottom line. Please don’t hurt my family.”

Angelababy and Huang’s wedding cost 31 million USD, nearly matching the cost of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding (around 34 million USD).

Since then, there has been speculation of separation and divorce between the two. For netizens that keep tabs on the couple, Huang’s words can be seen as a subtle response to these rumors.

Li Fei’er didn’t respond to either statement, although drama-hungry netizens were certainly hoping for it.

“Sister, it’s your turn. Are you posting or not?” one user commented on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

“Money is powerful,” another user wrote, speaking up for Li. “Why do I feel like Li Fei’er is the victim here?”

The hashtag Li Fei’er’s Weibo Page Comments quickly became the top trending subject on the platform, gaining around 320 million reads and 27,000 discussions.

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