Hong Kong Company Bringing Speed-demon Antics to the Metaverse

Fasten your seatbelts: Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands acquires Eden Games to expand crypto racing games

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2:19 AM HKT, Wed April 13, 2022 1 mins read

A new chapter in the love story between NFTs and video games was written on April 11, as Hong Kong-based gaming giant Animoca Brands acquired Eden Games, the French developer credited with classics such as Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed.

Founded in 1998, Eden Games is one of the biggest players in the field of racing games, boasting award-winning titles for mobile, PC, and various Sony and Nintendo gaming consoles.

Animoca Brands obtained Eden Games to advance its portfolio of blockchain-based racing games. The gaming company built a racing metaverse called Revv Motorsport in 2021, and acquiring Eden Games strengthens this ecosystem.

The Hong Kong game software company’s latest title is Revv Racing, an ambitious project that attempts to override the unappealing visuals of blockchain-based video games. The solution: To strive for the look and feel of traditional 3D car-racing games.

Since the alpha version of the game dropped on August 11, 2021, Animoca Brands has organized global monthly tournaments with juicy crypto prizes. All those interested in taking a shot at the metaverse races must buy a Revv racing car NFT.

revv racing Animoca Brands

Revv racing car NFT. Image via Revv Racing’s official website

The most innovative — and perhaps the most lucrative — feature of Revv Racing is that it enables users to collect cryptocurrency through Revv tokens. Players can use their Xbox or PlayStation game controllers and access in-game assets and NFTs.

On February 1 this year, Revv launched a special metaverse tournament to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with prizes worth up to 350,000 Revv tokens (around 29,347 USD) and unique Chinese zodiac-themed race cars.

revv nft Animoca Brands

The Lunar New Year Chinese zodiac-themed race cars. Image via Revv Racing’s official website

If Animoca Brands is synonymous with one ‘signature’ product, however, it’s The Sandbox. First developed in 2012, the game was acquired by Animoca Brands in 2018 and then transformed into a blockchain-based 3D open-world game. Its premise: Players can buy digital plots of land to build casinos, galleries, estates, and more. These user-generated 3D assets can then be tokenized as NFTs and are tradable on Ethereum.

Coveted wide and far, The Sandbox‘s digital real estate has seen celebrity investments from the likes of Paris Hilton and Europe’s second-largest bank, HSBC.

Cover image by Yara via Unsplash

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