B-Side China: Art/Club Hybrids with Antonie Angerer, Lhaga Koondhor and Tom Mouna

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9:11 PM HKT, Sat December 1, 2018 1 mins read

B-Side China is a podcast monitoring the flip side of cultural stories in the PRC, initiated by Josh Feola for RADII.

On this episode of the B-Side China podcast, I talk with three co-founders of the one-of-a-kind Nightlife Residency: Antonie Angerer, co-founder of Beijing gallery and residency I: project space; Lhaga Koondhor, a producer, DJ, promoter and organizer who recently co-founded NÜSHÙ, a workshop for under-represented voices in Shanghai’s club scene; and Tom Mouna, a Beijing-based art and music writer, DJ and promoter, who with Koondhor co-founded community-based party The Neighbourhood last year.

L to R: Tom Mouna, Antonie Angerer, 2018 Nightlife Resident Bonaventure, I: project space co-founder Anna Eschbach, Lhaga Koondhor

The idea of the Nightlife Residency is to spark creative cross-fertilization between the worlds of art and club music, dropping the resident artist (whether they’re a DJ, VJ, producer, visual artist or performer) into the “ever-growing and increasingly idiosyncratic nightclub and electronic music communities in Beijing and China.” The resident for the inaugural 2018 program was Soraya Lutangu, aka Bonaventure, who has just released a brilliant EP on Planet Mu full of ideas that first began germinating while the artist was riding out the remnant winter cold in Beijing.

On the podcast, Angerer, Mouna, Koondhor and I discuss 2018’s pilot Nightlife Residency, what overlaps and fissures exist between the gallery & club worlds in Shanghai and Beijing, and how these different subaltern cultural spheres intersect in China’s major cities today.

Applications for Nightlife Residency II should be submitted before midnight (your time) next Wednesday, December 5; full info here. Big thanks to Shanghai Community Radio for hosting this podcast discussion.

Find B-Side China on iTunes or Stitcher (or here), and more RADII podcasts here.

Cover photo: Dreamy scene at Beijing’s Zhao Dai club (credit: Jeff Yiu)

Opening track: “Physarum” by Bonaventure; Closing track: “Both (ft. Hannah Black)” by Bonaventure

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