B-side China Podcast: Genjing Jukebox w/ Nevin Domer

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7:30 AM HKT, Sat December 9, 2017

B-Side China is a bi-weekly podcast monitoring the flip side of cultural stories in the PRC, initiated by Josh Feola for RADII

Vinyl’s back, or so I’ve read. For all the things millennials have killed, they’ve managed to resuscitate this ancient music playback format. Vinyl is even making a resurgence in China, with major indie label Modern Sky recently announcing 100 upcoming vinyl releases, and smaller labels like Maybe Mars putting all of their recent dispatches onto the format.

But six years ago, when Nevin Domer started his all-vinyl label Genjing Records, he was the only name in the game. Nevin has been in Beijing for 12 years, cutting his teeth in the scene by booking seminal underground rock venue D-22 and getting in on the ground floor of Maybe Mars, where he manages operations, overseas tours and international distro to this day.

In this episode of B-side China, we select some tunes from the Genjing catalog and talk about the unique hybrids that have come out of China in the last dozen years.

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Featured tracks:

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