BBC Doc “Earth: One Amazing Day” Premieres in Beijing

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10:44 PM HKT, Wed August 2, 2017

Following the enormous success of last year’s television series Planet Earth II, and serving as the official sequel to their 2007 feature-length film Earth, the BBC has just premiered the latest in its epic, planet-sweeping nature documentary series: Earth: One Amazing Day.

The world premiere was held yesterday in Beijing at an event hosted by Jackie Chan, whose voice narrates the Mandarin version of the film. While Earth: One Amazing Day reportedly took four years to plan and three years to shoot, an enthusiastic Chan said that he breathlessly dubbed the entire voiceover script in six hours, according to a report by media outlet Mtime (link in Chinese).

The Chinese version of the doc will be the first to screen internationally, a testament to the Chinese audience’s purchasing power — this is the first film to be produced under a new UK-China co-production treaty, possibly a bellwether of a new trend. It opens across theaters in the Mainland on August 11, while the English-language version, voiced by Robert Redford, will open in US and UK cinemas this autumn.

Anyway… I know you only clicked this to see more panda. Here ya go:


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