Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Chicken Feet Halloween Pizza Will Haunt Your Nightmares

The controversial pizza also tells spooky ghost stories

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3:38 PM HKT, Tue October 31, 2023

Pizza Hut Taiwan has descended to the depths of hell to bring you the least appetizing — and yet maybe the most conceptually advanced — pizza of all time.

The “Ghost Rice Noodle Roll and Phoenix Claw Pizza” is a thing of terrifying beauty, as long as you aren’t eating it. The unholy concoction layers a Korean-style spicy sauce with “secret” seasonings and mozzarella cheese, then tops it with Hong Kong-style barbecued rice noodle rolls and smoked chicken feet.

The rice noodle rolls are stylized as (admittedly adorable) little ghosts, with their chicken hands reaching out to grasp you, the customer, from beyond the grave.

To make matters even more ghoulish, there’s a QR code on the box that will play spooky ghost stories while you eat. Pizza Hut is promoting the limited-time offer as “the world’s first pizza that tells ghost stories,” and so far no one else has challenged that title.

The Halloween promotion is drawing mixed reactions on social media, but no matter how you slice it, it’s definitely an elaborate concept.

“What’s up with Pizza Hut’s R&D department?” reads one top comment.

“Italians are going to hate this,” reads another.

Some, though, are excited to try the innovative pizza.

“It looks good,” writes one commenter. “I’m not kidding.”

The Ghost Rice Noodle Roll and Phoenix Claw Pizza is available now at locations across Taiwan, for any souls brave enough to try it.

Images via Pizza Hut Taiwan

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