China’s Answer to The Razzies Bashes Xiao Zhan, Luhan and More

Awards such as Most Disappointing Movie were announced at the weekend

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2:52 AM HKT, Fri July 3, 2020 1 mins read

Yes, China has its own version of the Golden Raspberry Awards, the anti-Oscars that awards underachievement in the field of film and aims to puncture the pomposity of Hollywood. China’s Razzies-like event is called The Golden Broom Awards and is put on by movie magazine Youth Film.

While they do have some prizes for films they genuinely like, the fun naturally comes from the movies and stars that they decide to trash. This year, the awards (which took place with an online ceremony last weekend) honored — among others — Sean Xiao Zhan. Easy target? Probably, but oh well.

The star of The Untamed and hate figure for AO3 fans picked up a broom for Most Disappointing Performance of 2019. We say “picked up,” his reps apparently told the organizers he couldn’t make it to the Beijing-based ceremony because he wasn’t in the city at the time.

While no particular film or celebrity came away with a clean sweep at the awards, other “winners” included the Luhan-starring sci-fi disaster (of a) movie Shanghai Fortress, which was named Most Disappointing Screenplay. The director of that film Teng Huatao — who felt the need to apologize shortly after the movie’s release — tied with Cheng Xiaodong for Most Disappointing Director.


Cheng was recognized for helming fantasy action flick Jade Dynasty. The film’s two leads — Xiao Zhan and Meng Meiqi — were given Most Disappointing Actor brooms for their roles.

Movies that won more positive awards included Wang Xiaoshuai’s So Long, My Son, bullying drama Better Days, Pema Tseden’s surreal Tibetan film Jinpa, and noirish Diao Yinnan thriller Wild Goose Lake.

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