Chinese Sci-Fi Author Liu Cixin Honored at Arthur C. Clarke Awards

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Chinese sci-fi superstar Liu Cixin, whom the New Yorker once called “China’s Arthur C. Clarke,” has now picked up a new accolade at the annual award ceremony sponsored by the estate of the late British great. Clarke, the 2001: A Space Odyssey author who passed away in 2008, endowed an annual award for “science fiction literature” in 1987, with the first year’s prize going to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Over the years, several additional categories have been added, including a Lifetime Achievement award (last year’s went to Stephen Hawking) and an award for Imagination in Service to Society.

This year’s top prize went to Anne Charnock’s Dreams Before the Start of Time, but Liu was honored with a plaque for Imagination in Service to Society, a category that was added to the Clarke Foundation’s program in 2012.

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Cover photo: Barack Obama meets Liu Cixin, whose work the former US President has called “wildly imaginative” (via China Film Insider)

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