If “Squid Game” Was Made in China…

From separating mosquito coils to fixing cassette tapes — Chinese netizens are creating their own version of “Squid Game”

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9:07 PM HKT, Tue October 12, 2021 1 mins read

Chinese viewers’ fondness for the mega-popular Korean Netflix show Squid Game continues to shine online as netizens try to agree on what childhood tasks would best suit Chinese contestants.

The trending hashtag ‘Korean Squid Game vs. Chinese Squid Game’ (#韩国鱿鱼游戏和中国鱿鱼游戏的对比#) had gained more than 200 million views on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo by October 11, as users chimed in with their own ideas.

Weibo users have been particularly struck by one game featured in the show, in which players cut shapes out of dalgona candy. Rather than using the honeycomb candy, however, netizens suggest that China’s version of Squid Game would instead use a mosquito coil — a spiral-shaped, insecticide-laced incense product that repels mosquitoes.

Chinese entertainment account ‘Onlooker Channel’ (@吃瓜卫视), which has more than 6 million followers, posted, “If China had a Squid Game, would we separate mosquito coils? Somehow it feels more challenging.”

netflix squid game

Image via Weibo

netflix squid game

Image via Weibo

Under a post by film blogger ‘Cousin Movie’ (@表姐电影), one user commented that, “the first game should be about separating the mosquito coil, the second should be a competition helping mom to knit, and the third should be fixing a cassette tape.” This comment has gathered more than 10,800 likes, with the blogger replying that “these suggestions make the game very Chinese.”

The virality of the childhood games featured in Squid Game has caused many Chinese netizens to dive into their childhood memories to make proposals for a Chinese version of the show.

A user suggested, “We should make the first game about turning off the TV when you are secretly watching a show alone, but your mom is almost home. Whoever is caught by their mom will be eliminated.”

Another user suggested, “One game should be about adjusting the correction tape.” (Correction tape is commonly used by Chinese students to white out a word or sentence on paper so that it can be rewritten.)

Squid Game is one of the most popular shows currently streaming on Netflix. The survival game series touches on class divides and the complexity of human nature and features participants struggling to pay debts who play classic South Korean childhood games — but with a chilling twist.

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