Singer Cyndi Wang Back in the Spotlight After Nostalgic Performance

The performance blew up on Chinese social media, with a related hashtag racking up more than 430 million views on Weibo

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5:58 PM HKT, Wed May 25, 2022 1 mins read

Featuring 30 female celebrities over the age of 30, Sisters Who Make Waves released the first episode of its third season on the Chinese streaming platform Mango TV on May 23. In the eyes of Chinese netizens, one of the contestants — Taiwanese singer and actress Cyndi Wang — put on a performance that was heads and shoulders above the rest.

Wang chose to sing ‘Love You,’ one of her old hits from 2004 — a wise choice, judging by its reception.

The performance blew up immediately, with a related hashtag accumulating more than 430 million views on Weibo. Fans who had grown up listening to Wang’s music highlighted its sentimental value.

“This [performance] is such a throwback for everyone. A lot of memories are flooding back,” wrote one fan.

Another echoed, “Such a big throwback. When I was in secondary school, I bought Wang’s stickers and stuck them all over my desk.”

A leading female mandopop singer, Wang is synonymous with sugary pop songs, which earned her the moniker ‘Sugar Bishop.’

The episode has sparked a renewed interest in Wang’s TV shows from more than a decade ago.

“When I was in primary school, I really loved watching Smiling Pasta. Now I am in my 20s. Time has gone by so fast, but Wang still looks the same,” reads one comment.

smiling pasta

Promotional poster for Smiling Pasta (2006) starring Cyndi Wang

Amazingly, the throwbacks just kept coming.

On May 23, Wang’s songs took over Chinese music streaming platform QQ Music’s ‘Rising Hits’ section. Nine out of 10 songs on the list were by the songstress.

Wang’s sudden surge of popularity did not escape the 39-year-old’s attention.

“Being able to remind you of your treasured memories is such a beautiful thing,” said the star on Weibo. “Through music, I hope to create more good memories with you.”

Wang, who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry since 2003, was, in fact, one of Asia’s top female pop stars in the 2000s and 2010s. Some of her greatest hits include ‘Love You’ and ‘Curved Eyelashes.’

The overwhelmingly positive response to Wang’s performance proves netizens’ penchant for nostalgia. Even though new information is just a click away on the internet, it seems many people prefer to bask in familiar content.

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