Eating Music to Release New Mixtape “Drifting With Friends”

Featuring nine tracks by various artists, “Drifting with Friends” was designed to be a ‘spiritual convergence’ of global musicians

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1:40 AM HKT, Sat March 26, 2022 1 mins read

Shanghai-based independent electronic music label Eating Music will drop its new compilation titled Drifting with Friends on March 31.

Interweaving different genres, the mixtape has a dreamlike sound aesthetic. Sometimes slow and eerie, sometimes cadenced and percussive, the songs flow into each other smoothly to create a unique, eclectic assemblage.


Featuring nine tunes by various artists, Drifting with Friends was designed to be a ‘spiritual convergence’ of global music creatives. The compilation reestablishes connections and dialogues while transcending space and time through music.

At the same time, Eating Music hopes to present “diverse styles” and “eliminate all boundaries” through the new project. That’s certainly reflected in the line-up for the compilation, with the likes of Laughing Ears, who is known for her dark electronica, rubbing shoulders with Knopha, who is best known for ambient house music.

The release also features Shanghai mainstay Gooooose, LA-based Chinese-American producer Kai-Luen (who previously appeared at one of our china.wav events), and South Korean artist Mogwaa.

Drifting with Friends is the label’s third compilation under the “…with Friends” concept. They’ve been inviting various artists to create music with different concepts and themes since 2019. The previous two releases were Dreaming with Friends, which featured an all-female line-up, and Living with Friends.

Drifting With Friends

Drifting with Friends compilation cover. Image via Eating Music

Founded by artist-entrepreneur Cookie Zhang in early 2018, Eating Music aspires to replicate the vibe set by Stones Throw, an LA-based independent record label.

The Shanghainese label’s most important mission, Zhang told RADII in 2018, is to foster an atmosphere in which her artists can collaborate and mutually enrich each other.

Pre-orders for the digital version of the mixtape are already open, and a pre-listen mix is available for streaming from March 16 to 30. The compilation will also be available in vinyl upon official release.

Cover photo via Weibo

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