Indie Musician Eñaut Zinkunegi’s Funky Exploration of Love

Indie Musician Eñaut Zinkunegi’s Funky Exploration of Love

Released by Shanghai-based label Eating Music, Zinkunegi’s first solo effort is a brew of songs in English, Basque, and Spanish

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1:46 PM HKT, Fri August 19, 2022 1 mins read

Addressing the universal theme of love, and doing so through pop songs, might seem like the obvious route for many musicians dropping their first solo album. But for Eñaut Martí Zinkunegi, whose musical activity has largely taken place in the ‘punk and edgy underground,’ doing so took a lot of courage.

“A couple of years ago, I would not have been brave enough to release this album,” confessed the artist to RADII.

Basque by birth, the musician chose to release his debut studio album Love, love, love under the pseudonym San Lou (meaning ‘third floor’ in Mandarin) — no prizes for guessing what floor his studio apartment is on.

The 10-track album was released by Shanghai-based label Eating Music, a self-described “label with taste.” Admirers call them one of “the best incubators for China’s bedroom musicians.”

A brew of songs in English, Basque, and Spanish, the album flows organically, and explores a variety of sounds and emotions while being a very fun and easy listen. Synthesizers, piano, drums, guitars and powerful vocals capture the plurality of meanings behind the concept of love — or its absence.

“It’s not just the romantic side of it: love comes in many different aspects and shapes,” said Zinkunegi, who looked inwards for inspiration instead of borrowing influences from other bands — hence the album’s highly personal feel. “A month before starting the writing process, I deliberately stopped listening to music,” he added.

No newbie to China’s indie scene, Zinkunegi moved to Shanghai in 2016, and became a guitarist for the band Shanghai Qiutian, which has toured China and Europe.

The artist lamented having to cancel his solo tour due to ongoing Covid-19 outbreaks across the country: “It’s pretty sad because I was extremely excited, but now I can focus on my band’s new album and world tour.”

Watch the music video for Love, love, love’s first single ‘Just Dance’:

Cover image courtesy of Eating Music

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