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Ferrari’s Luxury Fashion Line to Debut on Chinese Ecommerce Market

Chinese customers will soon enjoy their first taste of Ferrari’s high-end fashion, as the Italian sports car manufacturer is joining the ecommerce platform TMall

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12:53 PM HKT, Mon October 17, 2022 1 mins read

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari is experimenting in the Chinese market, but not with vehicles. Instead, the brand will soon launch a clothing store on the Chinese ecommerce platform TMall, where a trench coat will sell for as high as 44,500 RMB (about 6,187 USD).

ferrari tmall store chinese ecommerce trench coat

Two jackets on Ferrari’s TMall storefront. Image via Weibo

The store will open for preorders on October 24, offering Chinese consumers an opportunity to acquire apparel from Ferrari’s high-end fashion line, which debuted in June 2021.

Creative director Rocco Iannone, who previously worked for Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, is the mastermind behind the brand designs.

Ferrari’s fall 2022 ready-to-wear line featured pieces such as a slick motorcycle jacket, a leather bustier dress, and an oversized jacquard print jumpsuit.

As far as we can see, Ferrari’s TMall selection displays similar design elements, such as androgynous styles and bold leather detailing. Prices range from 630 RMB (88 USD) to 44,500 RMB; the most expensive item listed is the aforementioned trench coat.

ferrari luxury clothing

Another Ferrari item for sale. Image via Weibo

The car company’s venture into luxury clothing has caused a stir on the Chinese internet.

Some are poking fun at the brand’s attempt at diversification. “Can you run like a sports car while wearing [their clothes]?” joked a user of the Chinese microblogging website Weibo.

Others are appalled by the company’s cut-throat prices. “Does [Ferrari] really think we are so easily taken advantage of?” wondered a netizen.

Many have also drawn comparisons between the clothing line and other luxury companies’ unexpected offerings, like Porsche’s kitchen knives and Louis Vuitton’s luxury bicycle, not to mention the latter’s table tennis paddles.

Like other brands, Ferrari’s expansion into the fashion world is part of its effort to appeal to young Chinese women. It is no secret that the Chinese market is massive — consumers spent almost 74 billion USD on luxury goods in 2021.

Ferrari’s ecommerce store will open just in time for China’s Singles’ Day on November 11, which is comparable to (albeit much bigger than) Black Friday in the U.S. for its hot deals and discounts.

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