Anti-Spooky Subway Bans Halloween Makeup

As Halloween approaches, one subway network is saying “boo” to scary makeup

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6:34 PM HKT, Fri October 27, 2023 1 mins read

As Halloween draws near, partygoers are donning their spookiest Halloween makeup — but not in Guangzhou.

On October 19, the Guangzhou subway system implemented its latest regulation, prohibiting passengers from wearing ‘terrifying makeup’ while inside the subway. The station even offers makeup remover at the entrance, “for passengers’ convenience.”

The decision was prompted by instances where passengers were seen wearing unsettling makeup. Subway staff felt that the ghoulish makeup had the potential to frighten fellow passengers, leading to the party-killing new rule.

The regulations explicitly focus on ‘unsettling’ or ‘thrilling’ makeup. General makeup, and even the smoky, gothic styles associated with cosplay, are still acceptable.

Passengers removing makeup at a Guangzhou subway station

“The presence of numerous ghosts and demons can indeed be shocking in areas dedicated to public transportation, where commuters, including seniors, children, and expectant mothers, are the primary occupants,” commented TV host Yue Nan.

“Bear in mind that Halloween is not a Chinese holiday, and this foreign tradition may not be familiar to everyone. Consequently, not all passengers may feel at ease when confronted with eerie costumes during their commute, especially late at night,” she added.

On social media, people largely expressed support for the new rule. Some commented that ghost imagery can be harmful on a metaphysical level, and that in traditional Chinese medicine, fright is said to weaken the kidneys.

“From a feng shui perspective, pretending to be a ghost, playing games related to ghosts, and watching ghost movies can easily attract spirits,” one user posted.

“While dressing up in such costumes is acceptable and enjoyable in entertainment venues like amusement parks and bars during Halloween, it’s essential to consider the potential fright it may cause to elderly individuals, children, pregnant women, and those with physical ailments in public spaces,” commented another.

Others, however, felt it was an overreaction.

“If that’s the case, don’t act like you won’t be scared by horror movies, novels, or true crime shows,” wrote one user.

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