Higher Brothers Unveil Remix by EDM DJ, Prepare to Board Luxury Cruise

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6:30 PM HKT, Thu April 12, 2018 1 mins read

The last time we saw Higher Brothers they were teasing a more polished sound and warming up big crowds overseas on their US tour with Forbes cover boy Rich Brian. As the Chengdu rap quartet’s label 88rising garners comparisons to Disney, Higher Brothers have drifted further in the direction of mainstream appeal, two days ago releasing a new remix by Grammy-nominated EDM producer DJ Snake.

Best known for collaborations with Major Lazer and Lil Jon, the Parisian DJ Snake — who is set to perform at the Chengdu outpost of Creamfields Festival this weekend — reminds one of a young Diplo, trotting the globe in search of new sounds to commandeer. Cue the zither that opens his remix of Higher Brothers’ breakout single “Made in China”, which now comes with slick new cover art (below) and an almost comically steep trap drop:

Meanwhile, back in China, Higher Brothers are preparing to board the SOLARSHIP (link in Chinese), an international luxury cruise that is billing itself as “China’s first maritime music carnival,” and boasts a “cross-border music festival, party, avant-garde art, social and other elements.”

Higher Brothers is headlining the music portion of the cruise, joined by Shanghai-based rapper Al Rocco, LA producer Mike Gao, and more than a dozen additional acts all falling near the middle of the trap/EDM spectrum. Entertainment on SOLARSHIP also includes, no shit, a team of seven Cirque du Soleil performers, an exhibition by Chengdu street artist Fansack, a spa, a gym, a “battle pod,” a “finger coaster,” and something called “XD Dark Ride.”

The nearly week-long carnival departs from the port of Guangzhou on July 1 and docks in Okinawa on July 6. Tickets start at 15,000 RMB (about $2,400 USD) for a 1-2 person room and get way more expensive from there. Book your joint by scanning the QR code above if you so wish.

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