Hotpot Flavored Toothpaste is Selling Out in China

Because brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste wasn't painful enough

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6:19 AM HKT, Sat May 18, 2019

For those looking for that masochistic tingle every time they brush, China now has hotpot-flavored toothpaste.

But not for much longer — it’s rapidly selling out, with limited-edition sets being snatched off the shelves of Chinese e-commerce sites only days after the product was launched.

TMall hot pot toothpaste

Image: TMall

The toothpaste — a viral team up between Leng Suan Ling (冷酸灵) and Chengdu hot pot chain Xiaolongkan (小龙坎) — is advertised in three flavors: “medium spicy,” “very spicy” and “abnormally spicy,” with varying degrees of numbing effect. Still unclear: chances of having oily, spicy breath, upset stomach, or catching fire afterwards.

After selling out close to 4,000 of the spicy sets, they’re now being resold on sites like Taobao for as much as 128RMB (18.50 USD).

hotpot toothpaste

Hotpot is a beloved culinary tradition in China, with Sichuan hotpot in particular gaining cult status for its signature ultra-numbing spiciness.

While we’re not sure we want to start the day feeling like we just downed a spicy dinner, we will admit the packaging does look pretty delicious. Who says hotpot isn’t artful?


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