Shaolin Temple and Immortal Studios Team Up for “Immortal Shaolin” in LA

Modern-day wuxia company Immortal Studios is putting the spotlight on Shaolin’s global cultural legacy

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7:04 PM HKT, Wed November 1, 2023 1 mins read

The abbot of the Shaolin Temple, Shi Yongxin, is heading to LA to celebrate kung fu’s past, present and future.

On November 12th, wuxia entertainment company Immortal Studios is teaming up with the abbot and warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple for “Immortal Shaolin.” The live event at the Million Dollar Theater will showcase rare displays of superhuman martial arts skills and meditative practices, as well as the living, global cultural legacy of Shaolin kung fu.

Immortal Studios is a media company aiming to revolutionize Asian-American storytelling and bring wuxia — a Chinese genre of martial arts fantasy — into the modern age. Audiences can expect feats of strength and skill from the Shaolin monks, and teachings from the current abbot of the Shaolin Temple Shi Yongxin, who will be receiving the inaugural Immortal Martial Hero Award.

“Growing up, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing Shaolin’s grandeur, both in stories and in reality,” says Immortal Studios Founder Peter Shiao.

“As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, we hope to infuse the timeless wisdom and strength of Shaolin into people’s lives through an event like this, along with power of media and culture to share that to the masses.”

Besides the abbot and the monks themselves, other major kung fu names will be joining in.

Sifu Kisu will explain how he transformed various Chinese kung fu styles into the bending techniques of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ Also on the program is the announcement of 2023’s North American Shaolin Games winners, and a celebration of the Shaolin Temple’s enduring legacy and impact on global film and pop culture.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Follow Immortal Studios on Twitter for more information about their biggest Kickstarter yet, launching this month.

Image via ‘36th Chamber of Shaolin’ (1978)

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