Kris Wu’s Girlfriend? Artist Sues Over Scandal with 19-Year-Old Chen Ziyi

Internet asks, wait, what is Kris Wu's girlfriend's age?

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2:13 PM HKT, Thu June 3, 2021 1 mins read

Kris Wu is back in the spotlight, and not for a great reason.

Social media has lit up with conversation around leaked video footage which appears to show Kris Wu renting out a theater for a date with 19-year-old starlet Chen Ziyi.

Shortly after the clip was posted, the hashtag “Kris Wu takes a female companion to the movies” shot to the top of the trending charts, as details and hot takes started to emerge on Weibo.


Who is Kris Wu’s girlfriend?

The woman is alleged to be Chen Ziyi, a young influencer who also used to date “Produce Camp 2019” trainee Ryan Ren Shihao. Buzzy headlines indicated that Kris rented out the Wanda Cinema movie theater in Hangzhou for their private date.

Kris’ team was quick to retaliate, opening an investigation into the video and accusing Wanda Cinema staff of editing and releasing the footage online.

The official Kris Wu Weibo account reposted a notice from a Beijing law firm, formally demanding accountability from Wanda Studios on the grounds that they’d “seriously violated the artist’s privacy, and refused to apologize for this incident.”

The firm stated that the video had been maliciously edited and taken out of context in order to draw buzz. They warned blogs to delete the videos, and expressed readiness to seek compensation for damages to Kris’ reputation.


“So celebrities don’t have legal rights, huh,” wrote one commenter. “This is totally unethical.”

Others, of course, focused more on the drama.

“What were you doing when you were 19?” asked one comment.

“Protect him!!!!!” reads another, echoing many fans in defense of their idol’s privacy.

While some dig into the details of the event, others focus on the harmful environment faced by celebrities, a rising topic in recent years.


Header Images: Chen Ziyi Weibo, GEM_Ady WikiMedia

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