Labelhood and Harrods Partner to Celebrate Chinese New Year

As the Year of the Dragon draws near, the collab showcases Chinese designers and brings a touch of home to Chinese fashion lovers in London

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7:39 PM HKT, Mon February 5, 2024 1 mins read

To welcome the Year of the Dragon, leading Chinese fashion platform Labelhood is again joining forces with British luxury department store Harrods. For the second year in a row, the two brands are bringing the celebratory spirit of Chinese New Year to London through a festive pop-up concept store.

Based in Shanghai, Labelhood is renowned as an incubator for emerging Chinese designers, having helped talents such as Angel Chen, Xander Zhou, and Uma Wang shine on the global fashion stage.

Housed on the fifth floor of Harrods’ building in London’s swish Knightsbridge, the pop-up store is filled with dragon-themed decorations hung against a backdrop of vibrant red, the color of gaiety and auspiciousness in Chinese culture. More than 40 products from six Chinese designer labels — Uma Wang, M Essential, The Flocks, Ao Yes, Samuel Guì Yang, and Tangxindan — are showcased, featuring special Spring Festival-related garments with dragon motifs.


Labelhood’s pop-up store at Harrods. Images via Weibo (@LABELHOOD蕾虎).

The event follows last year’s “Year of the Rabbit” concept store, which received a great response, with visitors vying for spots to pose for festive photographs. Labelhood’s London Chinese New Year events build off of earlier programs in China, such as a family portrait studio organized in Shanghai in 2021.

The Harrods-Labelhood partnership emerged out of the London-based department store’s interest in building a firm foothold in the Chinese consumer market.

“Chinese New Year is rooted in the coming together of families, whether that’s our closest relatives or the family we choose, and I’m proud to have been able to transfer this philosophy to our London home this festive season,” said Sarah Myler, Harrods’ Director of International Business Development, in an interview with Jing Daily.

This year’s event has a longer timeline, running three weeks from January 26 through February 18. Adding to the convivial mood, Harrods has put together an exclusive Chinese New Year afternoon tea menu, which includes a gold dragon sugar painting and dragon’s beard candy, all served at the department store’s on-site dim sum restaurant.

Another inspired addition to the pop-up is the platform’s 2024 family portrait series, “Labelhood Nostalgia,” a collaboration with veteran photographer Ma Hongjie of Chinese National Geography. Together, they documented the bonds between three women from Guangxi, Beijing, and Ningxia, and their homes and families.

“I’m really proud to be here these days to introduce our story and design,” said Tasha Liu, founder of Labelhood, on Xiaohongshu. “What’s making me super happy is that I’ve already met some people this year who wait [for the event] every year, just like in Shanghai.”

“The set-up looks amazing! It totally gives off Spring Festival vibes,” a Xiaohongshu user studying in the UK recounted after visiting the pop-up. “The red tone is appealing, and the tableware and ornaments are exquisite.”

The user added: “There are plenty of Neo-Chinese style outfits on display, all perfect for trying on and snapping some photos.”


Screenshots of posts shared by Xiaohongshu users who have visited the pop-up store.

“Thank you, Labelhood, for giving Chinese students abroad a home,” another user posted.

Cover image via Weibo (@LABELHOOD蕾虎).

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