Lil Yachty Teams Up With Hong Kong’s Dough-Boy For a Song About Loving Their Moms

Loving your mom is the new selling drugs, in this wholesome video

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1:21 PM HKT, Tue August 25, 2020

2020 continues to keep us guessing — Lil Yachty and Dough-Boy have just released an unnaturally catchy music video for their new song Mama.

For Yachty, maybe “unnatural” is the wrong word. Who else is going to come this clean with bubblegum beats and pop-friendly hooks?

But for Dough-Boy, the style marks a sudden change: the Hong Kong rapper is known for a grittier sound and more serious lyrical approach.

“I want to make an album that can provide a bit of positivity which has been missing in the world for the past year,” he says in an interview with Time Out Hong Kong.

“I wanted to get [Lil Yachty] for this song because I remember reading about his great relationship with his mom,” he adds.


Dough-Boy hit it off with Yachty in the US while working on his album, and the two recorded Mama in an Atlanta recording studio. The songwriting process took just one hour, according to Dough-Boy, because Yachty understood the concept right away.

The music video, a pseudo-nostalgic view into a world where Dough-Boy and Yachty knew each other as kids, was released this week, two days ahead of Yachty’s 23rd birthday.

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