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RADII hijacked the airwaves to spread our sonic gospel during a recent visit to Los Angeles

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7:45 AM HKT, Sun May 12, 2019 2 mins read

RADII made a loud debut last week in Los Angeles, when we held our inaugural china.wav live music x panel event as part of the 2019 ChinaWeek program. It was a huge success — we sold out historic Silver Lake venue El Cid, and will have ample photo/video to show for it soon — and as music people we especially appreciated the opportunity to pop in to a few prominent radio studios around LA to spread our sonic gospel via public airwaves.

Bridging cultures through hip-hop: Artists mix English and Mandarin (KCRW)

On the day of our live music event we were very lucky to be invited by Santa Monica station KCRW to appear on one of their most popular shows, Press Play with Madeleine Brand. Josh Feola, RADII’s Culture Editor and main organizer of china.wav, sat in for a 16-minute segment answering Brand’s questions about Chinese hip hop and the music of the four artists featured on our 2019 china.wav bill: Bohan Phoenix, Yehaiyahan, Kai-Luen (aka Soulspeak), and MC Tingbudong. We’re very appreciative to Brand and KCRW for taking an interest in our selection of artists and the context from which they came — that gave our event & message a significant signal boost in Los Angeles.

Listen to the full segment on the KCRW site.

dublab’s Ale Cohen poses with vinyl from Shanghai’s Eating Music and Beijing’s Ran Music

Celsius Drop feat. Josh Feola (dj) & Faded Ghost (live) (dublab)

We were also thrilled to pay two visits to dublab, a seminal DIY community radio station that turns 20 this year. On the morning of Thursday, May 2, jetlag be damned, we were invited on the Celsius Drop program hosted by dublab co-founder Mark “Frosty” McNeill, who was curious to talk to Josh Feola and Chacha/Yehaiyahan/Faded Ghost about the Shanghai scene they’d just flown in from. Josh played some tunes between the talk breaks, and Faded Ghost thoroughly haunted the place with a live in-studio set filling most of the program’s second hour.

Download it here. Track list:

Yehaiyahan – Loving You
Chunyang Yao – Naxi Doze
Kai-Luen – Guqin Treatment #4
Robert Henke – Layer 02
[talk break]
33EMYBW – Herbal Gemini
Gooooose – Time Scale
liuyiwei – National Radio
Gong Gong Gong – Down Quantity Road
Bohan Phoenix – New York Made Me
[talk break]
Faded Ghost – Live in dublab

L to R: Frosty, MC Tingbudong, Di Wei, Josh Feola, Dawei Chen, Faded Ghost

CUTS 01 feat. Josh Feola (dublab)

And after the madness of our china.wav event, Josh went back to the studio for a chill Saturday afternoon set with another dublab veteran, host Callie Ryan. Callie has a predilection for damaged/experimental club tracks, among other sounds, so we introduced some Chinese artists working in a similar vein, plus other producers/bands we might like to see in future iterations of china.wav…

Download here. Josh’s tracklist:

Sunset Rollercoaster – Welcome To / Vanilla
Ya Ting Tian (鸭听天) – 五谷神游
Snapline – Lynnwood
Perera Elsewhere – ALBANIAN HYMN FEAT. FATTÚ DJAKITÉ (Howie Lee Remix)
33EMYBW – Herbal Gemini
South Acid Mimi Dance Team – Original Soul
Angry Navel – xMX
Alpine Decline – Pity the Pacified (Pharaohs Remix)
P.K.14 – 死局 (Dead End)
Kai-Luen + Sara Sithi-Amnuai – Live at RADII presents: china.wav, Fri May 3 2019, El Cid
Wang Changcun – nyth
GG Lobster – Pinhead (Ramones cover)
Cephalosis – Autumn & Alcohol
Lonely Leary – Ban Cheng Pin / Hou Ma Chang
Die! Chiwawa Die! – Good (Plastics cover)
The Molds – Roll Till the Rock is Dead
Li Jianhong – 1969 (Side B)

Cover photo: Josh Feola and Faded Ghost live from dublab (credit: Mark “Frosty” McNeill)

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