Listen: Vintage Mandopop/Folk/Rap Thrifted in Taipei

Angel Arlin of Eternal Dragonz recently did some thrift store archaeology in Taipei to dig up this hour-long mix

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4:18 PM HKT, Wed June 5, 2019

Remember CDs? I recently Taobao‘d a Sony Walkman with G-Protection just to re-experience this ancient format myself. Also on the hard-copy-music archaeology tip is Angel Arlin, the Taipei node of pan-Asian purveyors of great taste, Eternal Dragonz.

Angel recently relocated from LA to Taiwan, following a fruitful meeting with soundtrack composer Lim Giong around this time last year. She’s had a few irons in the fire since making the jump, including a regular show on Internet Public Radio, where this mix first appeared as a livestream before being archived on the Eternal Dragonz Soundcloud.

Enjoy the roughly hour-long mix of Mandopop, folk, classical, ’90s rap and more below (“Best enjoyed in bed snackin,” EDZ sez):

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