Help Promote #LoveOverFear with RADII’s Special Instagram Filter

As Covid-19 spreads across the globe help us call for #LoveOverFear

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9:14 PM HKT, Fri March 13, 2020 1 mins read

With thousands of cases worldwide, novel coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to have repercussions around the globe. Scenes of facemasked citizens, hazmat suits in hospitals, and exhausted, under-resourced medical staff have unfortunately become commonplace in the news. Meanwhile, in addition to being a very real medical emergency, the virus’ spread is also impacting communities in other, unexpected ways. Unfortunately, one consequence of the fear surrounding the virus has been a spike in anti-Asian sentiment and xenophobia.

So what can we do? Here’s how you can make a difference — be it through donations or simply through showing solidarity with those affected.

Share #LoveOverFear

In order to refocus the attention on the victims of the virus and help combat xenophobia, we want to call on everyone’s support to reach out to your loved ones and remind each other that discrimination is not the answer. Love is stronger than fear, and people who are facing grave epidemics deserve support, not hatred.

As medical masks have become a symbol of the coronavirus worldwide, we chose this vehicle to deliver the message. We’ve developed an Instagram filter that exemplifies these ideas so that you can show solidarity even if you don’t have the means to support financially.

We hope that you can use the filter to help remind others of what you stand for, share something you love about Asian cultures and show that decisions matter, that you have chosen #LoveOverFear.

Where to Donate

Knowing which organizations are reliable and reputable when it comes to donations can sometimes be tricky. Here are three we recommend:

UNICEF is tackling the global health emergency by sending supplies and support to fight the coronavirus in the East Asia and Pacific region. They guarantee that less than 3% of funds go to administrative costs and the organisation is focusing on saving and protecting vulnerable children.

Heart2Heart International is procuring critical personal protective equipment to prevent infections from spreading further. Donations will go towards masks, gowns and other specialized equipment. They’re working with partners throughout China as well as the WHO to assess medical needs.

GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund aims to “bring services to affected communities and help stop the virus’s spread.” Funds raised will go towards both immediate needs such as healthcare, food, and water and “to support longer-term education and recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations in affected regions” as the situation develops.

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