Experience “Gigant DOKU,” Artist Lu Yang’s Augmented Reality Giant

The dancing giant is Lu Yang's furthest extension into motion capture technology

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12:44 PM HKT, Sun December 6, 2020

Lu Yang is one of the leading voices in China’s younger generation of artists, and one we’ve covered extensively.

Now, experience the interactive media artist’s newest work Gigant DOKU, a dancing giant in Art Basel’s “OVR: Miami Beach” virtual showroom.


”During my BMW Art Journey, I had the chance to cooperate with different artists from several backgrounds and to deepen my research in motion capture technologies – knowledge and material that I can now use for my artworks,” Lu said. “Even though I had to pause my travels due to the coronavirus, I am thankful that I am now able to proceed digitally, with the full support and creative freedom provided by the BMW Group.”

Lu Yang is a BMW Art Journey Awardee, and Gigant DOKU arrives in partnership with Acute Art, renowned producers of virtual and augmented reality art.


By downloading the Acute Art app, users can insert the dancing giant into their own physical worlds. View Gigant DOKU and other artwork from Lu Yang here.

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