MC Jin is Extremely Online, Making #Emojins a Thing

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9:07 PM HKT, Tue April 10, 2018 1 mins read

MC Jin, the first Asian American rapper to hit the big time on the US hip-hop circuit, hasn’t really gone anywhere. Here at RADII we’ve seen him in past months linking up with Alipay and Google Translate, keeping his profile fresh on the Chinese side of things. But he seems to be gearing up for something bigger.

Since April 7 or so, MC Jin has been lighting Twitter on fire.

The most striking thing about Jin’s Twitter renaissance so far has been his creation of the neologism “Emojin” — a portmanteau of “emoji” and “Jin” with which he’s blessed his internet following. It’s pretty endearing:

No word yet on what all this is leading to, but we — like Twitter user Ethan Park — expect another album. Jin is so far reticent on this subject:

Follow @iammcjin for like 30 updates daily as this situation unfolds.

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