McDonald’s Grimace Crocs

McDonald’s Grimace Crocs Are Here

The collaboration between Crocs and McDonald’s marks a moment of synergy between two established brands who aren’t afraid to play with new ideas

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2:52 PM HKT, Tue November 14, 2023 1 mins read

Time to put some Grimace Crocs on your feet — in an exciting collaboration that nobody asked for, McDonald’s and Crocs are teaming up for a co-branded merchandising push that’s being felt around the world.

The collaboration, which drops today, features plenty of eye-catching items, although the biggest crowd-pleaser may be a pair of Grimace Crocs. The purple McDonald’s character recently found a new burst of popularity earlier this year with the release of the Grimace Shake, and the ominous TikTok trend it unintentionally inspired.

Fellow characters Birdie and the Hamburgler will also be getting their own Crocs, and the collection also includes a range of Jibbitz charms in designs like french fries, Big Macs, and the Golden Arches logo.


In some ways, a McDonald’s x Crocs collab was unavoidable. Both brands have come to embrace the quickfire, social media spirit of the age, jumping on novelty collaborations and often finding significant success.

For McDonald’s, celebrity-driven packages like the Travis Scott and Cardi B meals have made a viral impact, and Crocs made waves earlier this year with Shrek and Cars-themed footwear.

For both brands, that kind of thinking has won new fans and consumers. The worldwide promotion has already landed in China, with a pop-up shop opening in Shenzhen where fans can shop the collection.

On China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo, a hashtag for the collaboration racked up 10.5 million views in just three days. It’s not surprising, given the passion displayed by maimen and dongmen — the community names for McDonald’s fans and Crocs fans, respectively — spurred on by recent waves of pop culture and designer collabs.

Images via McDonald’s

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