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Iconic Queer Label Medusa Drops New Single, Embarks on Whirlwind Tour

Titled ‘Wet,’ the new song by drag artist Enema Stone (aka Miss Stone) leaves plenty of room for the imagination to wander...

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6:12 PM HKT, Fri December 2, 2022 1 mins read

Medusa, a music label and one of China’s most iconic and well-known queer parties, is back after a seven-month hiatus.

Even after Shanghai’s citywide lockdown was lifted in June, Elevator Club, an incubator for underground nightlife and the birthplace of Medusa, had to remain closed, leaving the local drag community bereft of a home.

Last month, however, Medusa surprised its fans and friends with a naughty single by Rafael S., who goes by the stage name Enema Stone or Miss Enema. Titled ‘Wet,’ the song leaves plenty of room for the imagination to wander.

In an interview with RADII, the artist, who just turned 24, discussed how ‘Wet’ was born. The story involves Michael Cignarale, one of Medusa’s cofounders and a multi-talented artist who has also released an EP under the label.

“The whole recording and writing session happened in one day at Michael’s studio,” recalls the drag artist before adding, “We were just fooling around and being complete faggots.”

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Following the release, Miss Enema and other drag artists from Medusa set off on a sweaty national tour to promote the track and reconnect with queer community members across the country.

Taking place in backbone locations of China’s underground nightlife scene, such as Oil in Shenzhen and .TAG in Chengdu, ‘The Wet Tour’ has been both challenging and a lot of fun.

“The funniest moment would be me fisting a watermelon and feeding it to the audience in Shenzhen,” laughs Miss Enema, whose personality is as playful as her debut song.

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“I just wanted to make a nasty, stupid song to make people feel slightly happier in this stupid world, but also to express who I am as a queer artist,” says Miss Enema.

It’s been a rough time for nightlife in China, with clubs across the country facing lockdowns, foreign acts stuck on the wrong side of borders, and many local talents fleeing the scene.

However, the LGBTQ+ community, which has a long history of persevering and congregating via nightlife, is proving once again that playful and creative resilience can weather the darkest of storms.

Listen to ‘Wet’ on Spotify:

All images courtesy of Enema Stone

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