New York Mets Invite TFBoys’ Roy Wang to Throw First Pitch

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12:54 AM HKT, Tue September 18, 2018 1 mins read

It’s been a few months now since we posed the most pressing of questions: is TFBoys’ Jackson Yee sexy now? Welp, as we continue to weigh up the evidence, a couple of crucial stories have crossed our TFBoys desk. (TFBoys, for the uninitiated, are a squeaky clean pop group that has a fervent, fiercely dedicated fanbase – catch up on them here.)

First up, the boys have done a swoon-tastic “all grown up” cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar that, well… have a look (images via Sina Weibo):

Bit of a contrast to their 2016, Chen Man-shot feature for the same title:

Second, Roy Wang from the group will be stepping up to throw the first pitch at a New York Mets game at the end of this month:

Color us excited. Smart move by someone at the Mets marketing department that, especially as they’ll be giving the TFBoys megafans the chance to stream this momentous occasion live.

Fortunately, Roy has a bit of experience here having starred in a baseball-themed TV drama before. It was called Boy Hood, but bore no relation to Richard Linklater’s Boyhood:

With sexy fashion shoots and baseball games, TFBoys are clearly well on their way to rugged manhood. But they’re not exactly going off the rails — officially at least. Roy recently came fifth on the Beijing Normal University survey of stars’ “social responsibility” — which infamously placed Fan Bingbing last on 0% — with his bandmates Jackson Yee and Karry Wang coming third and second respectively.

More from our TFBoys department:

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