Is TFBoy Jackson Yee Sexy Now?

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3:34 AM HKT, Tue June 5, 2018 1 mins read

I didn’t expect to be covering this today, but here we are.

I consider it my duty to inform you that Jackson Yee, third-wheel member of hit boy band TFBoys, is reportedly all grown and sexy now.

Jackson Yee was the Joey Fatone of TFBoys (China’s biggest boy band, famous internationally for their lyrics about doing homework). He wasn’t as good a singer as his bandmates Karry and Roy Wang, and he was arguably less cute. I mean, he had that shimmery, prepubescent pop star cuteness, but Karry and Roy had that same cuteness in spades.

As the TFBoys grew more and more popular, the inevitable boy band split-and-solo phenomenon loomed over Jackson Yee like a great, ominous cloud. Would he survive it, or would he find his pop star destiny cut short, doomed to an unceremonious career promoting infomercial diet plans, waiting for TFBoys reunion tours that would never happen? But look at him now:

Man’s looking like the Biebs himself, hitting that security detail stride through the paparazzi like it’s not a problem.

Here’s Jackson in the corniest dance concept video ever, which revolves around a pair of Adidas shoes, and is called “Sole Fire” (haha). Nonetheless, he brings the moves, and taps iconic So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Philip Chbeeb for added star power.

Ok, to be real, this is a pretty adorable clip.

One last thing.



Is it hot in here? No? Just me?

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