New York State Will Celebrate Its First “China Day” this October 1

New York State has announced the official creation of "China Day"

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1:50 AM HKT, Fri June 21, 2019 1 mins read

Don’t get yours hopes up kids, you still have to go to school for this one! But it looks like we can add “China Day” to a long list of celebrations kids won’t be getting time off of school for after the New York State Senate passed a resolution to recognize October 1 as China Day. The first week of October this year will also be designated as Chinese American Heritage Week in New York.

October 1 is a national holiday in China, as the date marks the founding of the People’s Republic — and October 1 2019 will be the 70th anniversary of this occasion.

But we guess this “China Day” will be different to the one that’s been going on in New York since last year:

So what’s up with this new China Day? The resolution supporting it was brought by James Sanders Jr, state senator representing the 10th Senatorial District in Queens and one very snappy dresser. Sanders said the day was about recognizing the importance of good relations between New York and China, going on to declare that,

“We are breaking down walls of misunderstanding in a day like today where there is enough tension in the air.”

The resolution highlights the trading relationship between both China and the US in general, and China and New York State in particular. As of 2019, China is the biggest exporter to the US with 19% market share worth more than 430 billion USD. The resolution states that, “The State of New York exported $3.3 billion worth of products to China, making the 8th largest foreign market for the State
of New York, and the bilateral trade and investment have created tens of thousands of jobs in the State of New York.”


David Carlucci, 38th District Representative, says their attitude towards the situation is, “If our President is going to have problems we are going to make sure that those problems don’t exist in New York State, and that our partnership remains strong and vibrant.”

The motion also aims “to strengthen the friendship and bilateral relationship between the State of New York and Chinese Americans”, noting the contribution made by laborers of Chinese heritage to the Transcontinental Railroad and that “1 in 5 Chinese Americans enlisted to serve in World War II”.


Sadly, designating a month or a week annually to this segment of the population invites the idea that for the rest of the year, the contributions of nearly 7% of the US population can be overlooked. Still, China Day may well be a move in the right direction — let’s see exactly how it gets marked in New York State. And hey, it wouldn’t hurt if there was a parade, or even a half day off, maybe?

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