Check Out These Limited Edition Nike x Xi’an Famous Foods Shoes

The famed New York chain has released a limited edition sneaker

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6:32 PM HKT, Fri June 21, 2019

Chinese food and drink brands getting into the fashion industry seems to be all the rage right now. First we had Laoganma chili sauce causing a stir at New York Fashion Week, then lager brands Tsingtao and Harbin Beer got in on the act, and now there’s White Rabbit totes and milk powder brand bags:

guangming milk bag china

But one of the latest — and possibly greatest — such collaborations comes with a twist: the Chinese food brand in this case is actually an American restaurant that offers Chinese cuisine, and their partner is Nike.

New York-based, family-owned chain Xi’an Famous Foods recently teamed up with Nike CEO Jason Wang to create a limited edition shoe for their longest-serving employee. The reaction was so positive and the flood of requests for a pair so great, they ended up putting them on sale on their website:

Available in men’s and women’s sizes, the XFF Nike Odyssey React 2 shoes will set you back 228USD, equivalent to around 58 stewed pork burgers at Xi’an Famous Foods’ Flushing outlet.

Still, would look pretty damn cool. Especially if you rocked them with a Laoganma hoodie….


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